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Déc 13
What to Do If You Havent Been Paying Quarterly Taxes

If you are in business for yourself, you generally need to make estimated tax payments. Estimated tax is used to pay not only income tax, but other taxes such as self-employment tax and alternative minimum tax. If you don’t pay enough tax through withholding and estimated tax payments, you may have to pay a penalty. […]

Nov 02
Business driver definition and meaning

Market share refers to a company’s sales relative to the size of the whole industry. Examples of internal drivers are the staff and different departments within a business. Especially those that contribute to product sales, marketing, production, and development. It may also be a situation that would improve a company’s financial health. You can then […]

Oct 20
Sales Forecasting Methods: Techniques to Improve Forecasts

Here are some common factors to consider regarding your sales forecast. Many of these can have either a positive or negative influence on sales. For example, changing reps’ account assignments may reduce sales, because members of your team will have to familiarize themselves with customers that are new to them. However, sales could increase if […]